Seeking the Limitless Value in Intellectual Property

  • Korea Techno Agency

    Patent Search

    We offer a variety of patent search services, mainly including patent invalidity searches,
    patent infringement searches and technology trend searches (including obtaining of
    patent files); and SDI searches on periodical publications and analyses of specific themes
    in periodical publications.

    Korea Techno Agency

    Intellectual Property Translation

    We provide professional translations of patent specifications written in various languages
    (including English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, German,  and others) for
    applications to foreign countries.

    Korea Techno Agency

    Intellectual Property Consulting

    KTA also provides a full suite of consulting and mediation services including: execution of
    issued patent rights (e.g. sending of warning letters), licensing of useful registered rights,
    technological exchange for desired technologies, and other needs and tasks requiring a
    patent attorney.